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Adrian Furman

Adrian Furman is the president and founder of the Polish company Grupa AF and the company in the United States - Poland IT-Lab LLC. He is called the Stephen Hawking of business. They share not only a disability, but also strength of character. They both believed they could reach the stars. Hawking crossed the limits in science, Furman proved that any physical weakness can be forged into strength - also in business. This is how the Grupa AF brand was created, specializing in the IT industry and broad business consulting.

Constant readiness to build a positive image of people with disabilities has become the driving force behind the development of the Grupa AF. Adrian Furman's aspirations and life experience have shaped the mission of his company in a natural way. The Grupa AF mainly employs people with reduced physical fitness who, with their knowledge and experience, can easily compete with able-bodied employees on the open labor market.

After numerous successes and many instructive failures, the company was estimated at a value of over 12 million PLN. The income for the year 2017 was 7.4 million PLN. A year later it exceeded 9 million PLN. As the president himself admits, only good relations with people, based on respect, can pay off with profit.

The US ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, in her official letter expressed words of admiration and recognition for Furman's business achievements, wishing success in the development of his company in the United States.

Adrian Furman received a special distinction at the 48th International Polonez Ball in Miami. The award for inspiring the professional development of people with disabilities was presented by Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, founder of the American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami, called the "ambassador of Polishness".