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We’re from Poland – a land of clear code within a reasonable budget. You’ll find it convenient that we work in your time zone, but in our currency.
Other agencies offer you a product. We offer you the product and something extra – a CSR certificate. Now that’s what you call value added!
90% of our co-workers are people with disabilities. We are going to prove that we’re able to perform better than you anticipated… For us disability means ability to make effective solutions.
We work with talented individuals who are experts in their field. We combine a modern design and a transparent UX with an optimised code.
Our founder, Adrian Furman, is a man of success, who proves that impossible is nothing. In business, in politics, in publications.
Adrian Furman

American software by Polish developers

Outsourcing IT

We deliver complex services carried out by our highly qualified Polish IT Specialists. Our partnership can have a permanent character or it can be focused on one project. We create and launch advanced e-commerce platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as well as mobile and web applications. We are able to manage complex projects that require a lot of time and commitment, always giving due attention to testing servers and analysing how the character of the client’s business influences the project. Thanks to that we deliver personalised solutions which fulfil the IT needs of each client.

Ads design

We help brands to gather steam! We know very well how to express what they have to say in the form of images. We understand that creating a company’s image is a process reflecting everything that defines its identity and uniqueness. Our designs are based on visual identity, no matter if they are meant to be used online or offline.

Website creation

We design, complete, and launch websites based on various Content Management Systems. Our experience gained through management of numerous projects lets us choose appropriate solutions according to individual needs of each client. Our designs are user friendly, easy to edit, and compatible with UX and UI standards.