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The Business without Barriers Foundation, established in July 2019, is a Polish non-governmental organization whose statutory goal is the promotion and professional activation of people with various health dysfunctions on the European labor market. Adrian Furman, the president of Grupa AF Sp. z o. o. is the founder and a Board Member. The foundation has two main goals. It supports people with disabilities in strengthening their competences and skills that significantly increase their employability. The foundation also helps employers, proving to them that opening up to such employees brings a number of benefits to both parties, and the formalities are not as complicated as it may seem. As in the Poland IT-Lab LCC and Grupa AF sp. z o. o., almost all employees and volunteers are people with disabilities.

This fact distinguishes the foundation from other organizations of this type. One of the goals set out in the statute is, among others, participation in international projects. The most important target group is the American Polonia. The foundation set up preliminary talks with businessmen, actively seeking funds for its programs. The first effect of these efforts was an invitation for the Foundation representative to take part in an international business event - organized by the global Polonia - the 60 Million Congress in New York. A few months later president Furman took part in the next edition of the congress in Miami. He was also invited to the 48th International Polonez Ball, organized by the American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami. During the event, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel presented him a special distinction for inspiring the professional development of people with disabilities.