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The POLAND IT-LAB LLC company offers comprehensive implementation and service of modern IT solutions based on digital communication. We offer our solutions to American clients. We combine modern design and transparent UX, tailored to the needs of each customer. We have several years of experience in this field, backed by the satisfaction of international brands with whom we have implemented complex and long-term projects. We are a team of creative specialists who work in your time zone, which is why we are at your disposal on a regular basis. We settle in the Polish currency PLN, thanks to which our IT services are of the same quality as the American ones but for half the price.

The vast majority of our employees are people with various physical limitations. We do not consider ourselves "disadvantaged" or "weaker". On the contrary, difficulties give us strength and determination to act. We are professionally active specialists who show the world that we are all equal in the open labor market. POLAND IT-LAB LLC is the daughter company of the Polish company Grupa AF sp. z o. o.